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Cecilia Judge

Author, Material Artist, and Educator

Author of Views, Consumed Spirit, Loose Leaf for Two, and Pink Flora 
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To write this text is revolutionary. So many chosen to Text before went the route of 'Tongue of Flame' metaphor, though they were not at Pentacost. They were not at Shavout either but these chosen went the way of Living Plainview. This is the way we lost myriads of should be unique texts. This is the way we gained Saints. As it is and as it were, Figures do claim Saints' name, somehow Mono, though Figures see each other. The Chosen could land anywhere and yet such Figures pull toward Living Plainview in away that keeps everyone out of true connectivity to the self, the other and the Earth. Keeps everyone far from Manifest Energy.This way, there have been no new texrs that have not been engulfed by the Books. The Bible serves as an allegory of texts that flourished before it and stomped them out. A synopsis of mostly Jewish and Hindu traditions and text. The frustrating part is how the parallels of Judaism and Christianity are explored fervently while Hindu influence seems mostly forgotten. This is the line drawn between Living Plainview and mostly forgotten. This is the line drawn between Living Plainview and Living Clearview. The Hindu influence itself is blurred by Figure who would have Moral to the story. The Hindu texts are numerous and don't function in the simple way of Moral. Besides this, there are the mentioned practices that were reappropriated and thus tainted. And here, we have manuscirptus to transpose and would do so with minimal reference as we mourn eon of lost originality in text. The Clearview way remains to study Earth and plant as a wiccan, object in Hoodoo, spirit in Hindu, and practice as Occult with no need for allegory.

Home: Welcome
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